Learning French in Brussels: reflections on two months of lessons

After two months of semi-intensive classes, I've thought a lot about personal milestones, the nature of "fluency", and French culture.


Thoughts on Brexit

Well, it's happened. And as one of the 73 per cent of 18-24 year olds who voted to Remain, it's impossible to overstate the sense of betrayal I feel. My generation, already suffering under the weight of ever-rising university tuition fees and crippling house prices, is being stripped of our future by an ageing sector … Continue reading Thoughts on Brexit

Returning from a long period away – an ode to London 

Farewell to my final destination: New York City, as viewed from a fabulous balcony in Long Island City One of the questions long-term travellers dread upon their return is: "so how was it?" You've spent three months or more out of the loop, straying from most everything which formed the makeup of your life before, … Continue reading Returning from a long period away – an ode to London 

What to take travelling – gadgets / accessories

Originally published on Shiny Shiny.  So, a trip's on the cards. You might think that going travelling is about switching off your gadgets and switching into relaxation mode, but even the most minimalistic of travellers can benefit from these electronic essentials. I've put together a list of some of the handiest travel gadgets around today. … Continue reading What to take travelling – gadgets / accessories